4th November 2019

Aircraft doctors met at the Second Congress of AWAM

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8th November 2019

Qatar Airways will start flights to Kazakhstan by the end of 2019


14th November 2019

“Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan” JSC is seeking a WEB Developer.


15th November 2019

Negotiations with the UAE Aviation Authorities


15th November 2019

Turkish Airlines is interested in opening the Istanbul-Turkestan air route


15th November 2019

"AAK" JSC is constantly improving the quality and improvement of public services


22th November 2019

Kazakhstan delegation attended ICAO-EASA joint pan – European NCMC meeting


25th November 2019

Issues on availability of air transport for children with mental disorders were discussed


27th November 2019

The AAK has signed an agreement between the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Primary Sector of Aruba, as well as the aviation authorities of Bermuda


Проект Европейского Союза по авиационной безопасности провёл заседание руководящего комитета в  Брюселле​​​​​​​


SCAT air company launches direct flights between Kazakhstan and Saudi
 Arabia from November 30​​​​​​​


The Head of Air Astana presented the work plan for 2020 in the industry

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3rd Desember 2019

Kazakhstan will negotiate with 13 countries on the expansion of air traffic and cooperation


4th Desember 2019

Arrangements have been reached to expand air communication with the Republic of Belarus​​​​​​​


3rd Desember 2019

Kazakhstan experts study FAA experience in providing aviation safety oversight in the USA

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27th November 2019

28th November 2019

29th November 2019