Flight and cabin crew members will proceed mandatory pre-flight medical examination


Due to the unfavourable situation on coronavirus infection and for the purpose of prevention spread of infection in Kazakhstan, the flight and cabin crew members must undertake mandatory pre-flight medical examination until further instructions.

Health workers of the civil aviation organisations and contractual medical organizations for carrying out pre-flight medical examination have to measure the body temperature, assess the appearance, colour and condition of open skin and visible mucous membranes (palenes, hyperemia, hyperhydrosis, acrocyanosis, oedema, ochrodermia of the skin and skler, etc.).

It is also necessary to inspect the tonsils, the mucous of the soft and hard palate, back of the throat, the tongue; determine pupillary light reflex. Besides, it is recommended to strengthen control over the sanitary treatment of the pre-flight medical examination room (wet cleaning with disinfectants, room ventilation, quotations, etc.).

Pre-flight medical examination rooms should be provided with a sufficient number of thermometers, disposable masks, disposable gloves and disposable tongue depressor.

If the aviation personnel with signs of ARVI are determined, they have to be removed from their duties and sent to the polyclinic and / or aviation medical centre.